Home with Hip Hop Feminism

Home with Hip Hop Feminism: Performances in Communication and Culture
TitleHome with Hip Hop Feminism: Performances in Communication and Culture
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorDurham, Aisha S.
Number of Pages180
PublisherPeter Lang Publishing Inc.
CityNew York, NY
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN or ASIN Number1433107090
Keywordsblack feminism, Feminism, HipHop Feminism, intersectionality
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Home with Hip Hop Feminism brings together popular culture and the everyday experiences of black women from the hip hop generation to highlight the epiphanic moments when the imagined and real body converge or collide.

To date, there are no books devoted exclusively to black women that integrate performance auto/ethnography and media studies from a hip hop feminist perspective. This book serves as a three-sided intervention against a textually dominated feminist media studies, a white-centered feminist third wave theory, and a masculinist hip hop cultural project. Aisha S. Durham not only reclaims her voice in these three spaces, she also rewrites her hip hop history by returning to the intellectual, cultural, and physical places she calls home.

The book will appeal to undergraduate and graduate students interested in media and cultural studies, race and ethnic studies, and gender and sexuality studies.