Slum Village

James Dewitt Yancey (J Dilla) is born to his mother, Maureen Yancey a former opera singer and his father Dewitt Yancey a jazz bassist. He grows up in the East side of Detroit.
James Yancey begins to collect vinyls at the age of two, he would enjoy spinning records in the park.
James Yancey meets Joseph ‘Amp’ Fiddler who introduces him to the Music Production Controller (MPC) Yancey has already begun beat making using a simple tape deck in his basement studio, and takes to the MPC quickly.
Joseph ‘Amp’ Fiddler puts Q Tip in touch with his apprentice, James Yancey.
T3 and Baatin create their first song “Tales from the Eastside”, which features production from Wajeed. T3 and Baatin’s rapping is inspired by NWA’s hard-core style.
T3 and Baatin meet James Yancey in his basement studio through Pershing High School friend and creative partner, Wajeed.
T3, Baatin, and Que D form the group ‘Ssenepod’, which is the word dopeness backwards.
Ssenepod breaks up.
Q Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammed invite James Yancey to join their production collective.
T3, Baatin and J Dilla continue to make music together, they move from intensive to the loose and inventive style of super rap.
They select the term ‘Slum Village’ out of the dictionary as a term that represented their community within a community in Detroit constituted by their art.
J Dilla produces for The Pharcyde, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and others.
T3 and Baatin decide Slum Village can’t wait any longer, they took the money they had, purchased cassettes, went to Yancey, and recorded Fantastic Vol. 1 in one week.
300 copies were made, some given to Q Tip, most distributed by hand in local Detroit community.
Slum Village begins recording Fantastic Vol. 2.
Slum Village signs to A&M Records.
Slum Village finishes Fantastic Vol. 2. The release is put on hold due to A&M merger with Interscope.
J Dilla produces for A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘The Love Movement’.
Slum Village performs as the opening act for Tribe Called Quest during their farewell tour.
J Dilla produces for The Roots.
J Dilla produces for Busta Rhymes, Common, D’Angelo, De La Soul, Erykah Badu and others.
Slum Village releases ‘Fantastic Vol. 2’ under Goodvibe music label.
Slum Village releases ‘Best Kept Secret’ their last project as the Baatin, T3, J Dilla trifecta.
J Dilla decides to focus on solo producing career. T3 and Baatin continue to hold down the legacy of Sum Village.
Rapper Elzhi joins Slum Village.
‘Trinity (Past, Present and Future)’ is released.
Baatin leaves Slum Village following a mental health diagnosis of depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
‘Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)’ is released.
Ralph J. Rice, known as ‘Young RJ’ begins to permanently produce for Slum Village.
‘Slum Village’ is released.
J Dilla dies at 32 after a long battle with Lupus.
Baatin dies at 35 at his home in Detroit.
‘Villa Manifesto’, the last album with Baatin’s, contribution is released. J Dilla’s brother, Illa J features on upcoming album Villa Manifesto. Elzhi decides to pursue his solo career.
‘Evolution’ is released.
‘Yes!’ Is released.
Vol. 0’ is released.