Support HARI

There are many ways to support The Hiphop Archive.

Financial Support

The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute collects materials, conducts research and brings together prominent scholars, artists, and organizers to create and preserve programs that help youth discover their unlimited potential. If you would like to get involved as a donor, volunteer, or provide organizational support, please call us at (617) 496-8885 or email at

Contribute Materials to the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute Collection

Artist and collectors may donate and identify materials including recordings, videos, other media, WEB sites, films, conferences, meetings, interviews, publications notes, piece books, flyers, major papers, works, references, productions and so on.

Share Your Comments and Ideas

Call us at (617) 496-8885 or email us at and tell us what you think about The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute and any ideas you have about how we can make it better. Tell other people about The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute and ask them visit and become a member of the website.

Build Organizational Alliances

The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute seeks to collaborate with organizations and institutions that are currently working with underrepresented youth and seek partnerships for funding and program development.

Sponsor 'Street Team' Youth Nationally Or In Your Local Area

Become a donor and support youth working on Hiphop Archive and Research Institute projects that are from low income areas. Their work on the archive encourages education, critical exploration and active participation and it provides them with leadership, organization, and technical skills. Youth develop life-skills through participation in research, Hiphop theater, video production and documentary. They work closely with other projects and help train other youth

Support World Hiphop

World Hiphop enables youth to study Hiphop culture in the World, particularly the historical context in which Hiphop culture emerged in different countries. World Hiphop, through its various programs, links youth throughout the world through The Hutchins Center for African and African American Research's sites, activities, programs, initiatives and conferences. These youth are encouraged by the belief that we are united by both our uniqueness and similarities. They are committed to improving the quality of life for youth throughout the world.

Support Droppin' Science Projects

Major initiatives are introduced twice a year and reflect issues of national and international importance in areas such as: literacy, spirituality, health, family, safety, dance, media, art, etc. We develop complex and exciting programs and activities around these issues. Our main goal is to excite youth about the prospects of entering college and universities in order to continue their interests and develop leadership skills.

Support Hiphop Scholarship

The research team includes young hiphop scholars who are college graduates and professionals committed to facilitating programs and activities that empower, inform and enrich the lives of youth.