70s Jazz in the Contemporary Classroom: A View from New York City

Title70s Jazz in the Contemporary Classroom: A View from New York City
Publication TypeArticle
Year of Publication2015
AuthorKibbee, Brendan
Newspaper/MagazineEthnomusicology Review
Date Published06/2015
PublisherGSA Publications at UCLA
CityLos Angeles
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywords1970s, Activism, African American Music, community involvement, jazz, New York City, Politics, timbre

"In this post, I focus on two developments—out of many possibilities—taking place within the jazz idiom in the 1970s: (1) an “explosion of timbres,” and (2) an increasingly explicit orientation towards self-organization and urban activism among musicians. The argument that I trace through these two developments is threefold: first, although a broadening timbral spectrum and an orientation towards self-organization and activism occurred throughout many genres, jazz artists were central to their proliferation in the 1970s; second, timbre and activist orientations towards music both render the music affectively powerful through their political significance; third, it is largely through these developments that we can understand the legacy of 1970s jazz on the broader contemporary landscape."​