Young Children Manifest Spiritualities in Their Hip-Hop Writing

TitleYoung Children Manifest Spiritualities in Their Hip-Hop Writing
Publication TypeArticle
Year of Publication2014
AuthorNorton, Nadjwa E. L.
Newspaper/MagazineEducation and Urban Society
Publication LanguageEnglish
KeywordsMulticultural Education, Social Justice, Spirituality, Urban Education

In this article, the author combines multicultural feminist critical theories with the voices of Black and Latina/Latino young spiritual children to extend culturally responsive teaching. The author illuminates how children use their hip-hop writing to construct themselves as people who communicate with God, choose spiritual content for their hip-hop songs, and attest to God’s abilities to help people. By helping in-service and preservice teachers increase their awareness and understandings of children’s spiritualities and spiritual practices, one can (re)vision the policies, pedagogies, methodologies, and structures that are, can, and should occur in educational institutions.